IRV open Gym and Cyr wheel workshops Tortosa 2019

The IRV invites Gym Wheel and Cyr Wheel enthusiasts from all over the world to join us at the 2019 CSIT World Sports Games in Tortosa/Spain (02 to 07 July 2019). Tortosa lies a 20-minutes bus ride away from the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Azahar, between Barcelona (north) and Valencia (south).

Do you want to spend 5 days in a wheel? Learn new skills? Make new friends? Try wheel gymnastics for
the first time? Practise what you already know? Then this is your chance to do just that!

IRV open Gym and Cyr wheel workshops → supported and organized by the 2 current world
champions Cheyenne Rechsteiner (Switzerland) and Hauke Narten (Germany)

  • EVERYONE welcome
  • pick up or develop new skills
  • exchange ideas and experiences

Test your new-found skills at an optional Team Challenge event at the end of the workshop.
IRV Open Mixed Masters Team Challenge:

  • new competition format
  • mixed teams (Cyr/Gym wheel; female/male; old(er)/young(er); different nationalities)
  • find your team in Tortosa, or pre-register it
  • 3-6 gymnasts in a team to perform 6 routines (free choice of 6 routines from the following 12): 2 straight-line to music, 2 straight-line without music, 2 spiral, 2 vault, 2 Cyr technical, 2 Cyr free
  • maximum score of 15 points for all routines

The main focus of the Open Mixed Masters Team Challenge is on Fair Play and inclusion, as well as
international interaction and mutual understanding in sport.